MAY 5 - 11, 2014

EN: Louis Scapillato was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario. His interest in music was sparked by violin lessons throughout public school during which he was exposed to the world of classical music. At the age of 11, he began playing guitar, studying classical, jazz and pop with Mark Steiger. Throughout high school he participated in jazz band and orchestra, and decided to study music in University. Currently, Louis is in the final year of his Undergraduate degree at Western University with honours in music theory and composition. At Western, Louis studied classical guitar with Robert Kubica, composition with David Myska, and orchestration with Omar Daniel. Compositions by Louis have been read by the Western University Symphony Orchestra, and he has written music for a various student chamber ensembles. His influences range from classical and jazz, to world music. In 2013, he studied Japanese and Indonesian music in New Zealand, and he is constantly looking towards music from different parts of the world as sources for inspiration.

Louis Scapillato, composer in residence